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Food with Friends

  • Tofino Catering for all occasions 

We can help you with that! We prepare fresh food for your important meeting, picnic, or get together. Treat the team to something wholesome or indulge in our pizzas and treats!


British Columbia offers such a unique ecosystem, that we strive to be sensible and sustainable when it comes to our ingredients. We proudly prepare much of what we offer from scratch; sourcing from local markets and makers, and organizations like the Tofino Ucluelet Culinary Guild. That is why you can count on us to bring the fullest flavour to your table and catering events.

We offer a selection of Proteins, salads and sides for special events, including weddings. We can comfortably prepare food for groups of up to 35. Our friends at Rare Earth Weddings, here in Tofino, can help you with coordination, plating, and dinner service. 

Email us what you are looking for, how many people, and when. We can custom create a meal plan just right for your occasion!

Contact us at 

for bookings, inquiries, or sample menus.

Two Fresh Pizzas
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